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Cryptogram Puzzle #1:
Computer Cryptogram Puzzle
Decode the cryptoquote puzzle for a funny quote that relates to computers.

Cryptogram Puzzle #2:
Realism Cryptogram Puzzle
Decipher the letters to read William Arthur Ward's thoughtful take on reality.

Cryptogram Puzzle #3:
Einstein Cryptogram Puzzle
Albert Einstein knew who the real geniuses were!  Find out what he says in this cryptoquip puzzle.

Cryptogram Puzzle #4:
George Burns Cryptogram Puzzle
When George Burns reflects back on his life, he comes to a strange realization about his grades at school.

Cryptogram Puzzle #5:
Agatha Christie Cryptogram Puzzle
Agatha Christie's advice for women.  Find out who you should spend the rest of your life with!

Cryptoquote Puzzle #6:
Snoopy Cryptogram Puzzle
Snoopy, from the Peanuts comic strip, describes his mundane life.

Cryptoquote Puzzle #7:
Sartre Cryptogram Puzzle
Jean-Paul Sartre's boating metaphor explains a human tendency.

Cryptoquote Puzzle #8:
Robert Orben Cryptogram Puzzle
Discover Robert Orben's thoughts on money in this cryptoquip.

Cryptoquote Puzzle #9:
Bluestone Cryptogram Puzzle
A dog-gone funny Steve Bluestone quotation.

Cryptoquote Puzzle #10:
Bill Vaughn Cryptogram Puzzle
Bill Vaughn knows how to amuse young children.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #11:
Erma Bombeck Cryptogram Puzzle
The late syndicated columnist Erma Bombeck has hundreds of funny marriage quotables.  Here's one of my favorites.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #12:
Robert Schuller Cryptogram Puzzle
Robert H. Schuller's thoughtful quote on God's omnipotence.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #13:
Oscar Wilde Cryptogram Puzzle
Oscar Wilde tells you how to drive your enemies crazy.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #14:
Zsa Zsa Gabor Cryptogram Puzzle
Zsa Zsa Gabor's secret to long-term financial security.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #15:
Ellen Cryptogram Puzzle
How does Ellen DeGeneres feel about tacky home decor?  Find out in this printable cryptoquip puzzle.

Cryptogram Puzzle #16:
Stern Cryptogram Puzzle
G. B. Stern's flight metaphor describes two types of people.

Cryptogram Puzzle #17:
Homer Simpson Cryptogram Puzzle
What was the last book Homer Simpson read?  And what did he think of it?

Cryptogram Puzzle #18:
Bill Cosby Cryptogram Puzzle
Bill Cosby shares his own interpretation of wisdom.

Cryptogram Puzzle #19:
Ronald Reagan Cryptogram Puzzle
Ronald Reagan's quotation blends religion and politics.

Cryptogram Puzzle #20:
Archie Bunker Cryptogram Puzzle
Archie Bunker from "All in the Family" tells us how charities can make a fortune!

Cryptogram Puzzle #21:
Larry Lujack Cryptogram Puzzle
How to find a high-quality, used automobile... according to Larry Lujack.

Cryptogram Puzzle #22:
Homer Simpson Cryptogram Puzzle
Homer Simpson's teacher has a special way of making kids behave in her classroom.

Cryptogram Puzzle #23:
Sarah Jessica Parker Cryptogram Puzzle
Sarah Jessica Parker loves all types of animals... except these two species.

Cryptogram Puzzle #24:
Ellen Degeneres Cryptogram Puzzle
Ellen tells what your pets are really thinking about you.

Cryptogram Puzzle #25:
Henry Miller Cryptogram Puzzle
How does Henry Miller feel about YOUR dining habits? Solve this free cryptoquote puzzle to find out.

Cryptogram Puzzle #26:
Eleanor Roosevelt CryptoQuote
Eleanor Roosevelt explains her thoughts on intellect.

Cryptogram Puzzle #27:
Shaquille O'Neal CryptoQuote
Learn how NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal keeps his mind focused on basketball... and a few other things.

Cryptogram Puzzle #28:
James Dent CryptoQuote
James Dent is having a very good day.  Things couldn't be better!

Cryptogram Puzzle #29:
Linda Ellerby CryptoQuote
Linda Ellerby thinks men are very strange.  Find out why by decoding this cryptoquote puzzle.

Cryptogram Puzzle #30:
Sam Ewing CryptoQuote
Sam Ewing tells why it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

Cryptogram Puzzle #31:
Favorite Pastime CryptoQuote
In what ways has a favoite outdoor pastimes changed over the past four thousand years? 

Cryptogram Puzzle #32:
Mark Twain CryptoQuote
Millions of people can't do it... but Mark Twain thinks it's simple.

Cryptogram Puzzle #33:
Bill Cosby CryptoQuote
Bill Cosby gives advice on naming your baby.

Cryptogram Puzzle #34:
Ilie Nastase CryptoQuote
Ilie Nastase looks the other way when he is robbed.

Cryptogram Puzzle #35:
Know How CryptoQuote
Who do you trust: the newbie or the pro?

Cryptogram Puzzle #36:
Lynda Montgomery CryptoQuote
Lynda Montgomery thinks carefully about her food.

Cryptogram Puzzle #37:
Staying Fit CryptoQuote
Staying fit and eating right.... here's why.

Cryptogram Puzzle #38:
Ken Dodd CryptoQuote
Ken Dodd talks about his tropical vacation getaway.

Cryptogram Puzzle #39:
George H. W. Bush CryptoQuote
President George H. W. Bush isn't setting a good example by eating his vegetables.

Cryptogram Puzzle #40:
Paul Getty CryptoQuote
Paul Getty is a self-made billionaire!  And now he reveals his secret for making a fortune.

Cryptogram Puzzle #41:
Sam Levenson CryptoQuote
If your life's going to end, here's how to make sure you're going to the right place.

Cryptogram Puzzle #42:
Elbert Hubbard CryptoQuote
What role do sports play in college?  Elbert Hubbard will tell you!

Cryptogram Puzzle #43:
Douglas Adams CryptoQuote
How lovely it is to observe time passing.  See what Doug Adams says about people who are always late.

Cryptogram Puzzle #44:
Shirley Temple CryptoQuote
Shirley Temple recalls a rather odd holiday event from her childhood.

Cryptogram Puzzle #45:
Milton Berle CryptoQuote
Does Milton Berle support Creationism or Darwinism?  Find out by solving this cryptoquip puzzle!

Cryptogram Puzzle #46:
Melanie Clark CryptoQuote
How much is true love really worth?  Melanie Clark knows!

Cryptogram Puzzle #47:
Jack Handy CryptoQuote
Jack Handy tells us how zookeepers can solve a major problem with a certain animal species.

Cryptogram Puzzle #48:
George Carlin CryptoQuote
George wants to know why the elderly tend to be more religious than young people.

Cryptogram Puzzle #49:
George Wallace CryptoQuote
George Wallace has an idea for saving money on military expenses.

Cryptogram Puzzle #50:
Jeff Foxworthy CryptoQuote
Jeff will do anything for his good friends.  But his friends had better be careful if they've had a few drinks.  Find out why by solving this cryptoquip.

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