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Cryptographs, available on Cryptograph.com, are a type of cipher puzzle that combines a cryptogram with a picture portrait.  The portrait can offer clues to the puzzle.  The artistry on Cryptograph.com is absolutely awesome and the puzzles are fun too!

Dozens of different types of word puzzles are accesible through WordPuzzles.org.  In addition to cryptograms, you'll find crosswords, acrostics, word searches, and many other puzzles.

Attention writers and poets!  You are invited to enter the Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest.  This website features a dual writing & poetry contest.  To win a cash prize, all you have to do is create a short poem (thirty lines of less) on any subject.  Not a poet?  Submit a short story (maximum of 5 pages) instead.  It's easy and fun!

Have a look at the puzzles on puzzles.com!  They've got tons of fun interactive puzzles in the puzzle playground.  Strinko is one of my favorites, as well as Sunny Walk and Choco Squares!  I hope you become as addicted o this site as I have.

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