Erma Bombeck Cryptograms - Free and Printable Cipher Puzzles

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Free Cipher Puzzles -  Erma Bombeck Quotations - Printable Cryptograms
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Erma Bombeck Cryptograms
Free, Printable Cipher Puzzles

These printables all feature timeless quotes from American humor writer, Erma Bombeck.

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Cryptograms for Kids
Erma Bombeck Puzzle #1 - Bravery
Erma Bombeck explains what a truly courageous person does.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #2 - Food Shopping
It's amazing what kids will do to get out of helping with the food shopping.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #3 - Memory
Some kids have a memory like an elephant.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #4 - Marriage
In this cryptoquote, Erma delivers an inspirational message about marriage.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #5 - Kids and Food
Erma explains what her kids will and will not eat.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #6 - Crazy People
Some people are absolutely nuts about housekeeping - you probably already know who they are.

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Erma Bombeck Puzzle #7 - Cleanliness
It really is possible for some people to be TOO clean. 

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #8 - Parenting Tips
Do mothers always know what's best for their children?

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #9 - Bigger and Better
Use caution when upgrading to bigger, better, faster, and more shiny.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #10 - Kids' Sports
A parent's take on the practicality of children's sporting events.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #11 - Allowance
Here's what kids will say when you give them a generous allowance.

Erma Bombeck Puzzle #12 - Helping Out
Sometimes asking a kid to do the simplest chore is like pulling teeth.