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Solutions to Simon Cowell Cryptogram Puzzles
Read the answers to each of the puzzles listed above.

Simon Cowell Quotation Cryptograms
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Print and solve the quotations from American Idol's most critical judge, Simon Cowell.

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Simon Cowell Puzzle #1 - Prehistoric Music
Decode this puzzle to discover Simon's response to a singer who vocals take him back thousands of years.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #2 - Saving Lives
According to Simon, this vocalist should stick to his day job.  Can you solve the cryptogram to figure out what Simon says?

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #3 - Popular Tune
Sometimes Cowell just can't take it anymore.  Solve the puzzle to find out if he blows his top.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #4 - Stand Out
Some singers really do stand out from the crowd.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #5 - Career Advice
Simon Cowell shares some sincere career advice with a contestant.  Decode the puzzle to find out what he says.

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Simon Cowell Cryptogram #6 - Royal Opinion
I wonder what the Queen of England thinks of beloved Pop Idol judge, Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #7 - Honest Review
Simon states his honest opinion of a truly horrible singing performance on American Idol.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #8 - 30 Years
I wonder whether or not Cowell enjoys music from the 1980s.  Solve the puzzle to find out.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #9 - Dessert Metaphor
Simon uses a creative dessert metaphor to describe one vocalist's performance.

Simon Cowell Cryptogram #10 - Is Simon Mean?
Is Idol judge Cowell really mean?  He describes his attitude towards bad singing in his own words.