Cryptogram Puzzles : Printable

Even more fun cryptogram puzzles to print and solve!

Cryptogram Puzzle #16:  Stern CryptoQuote
The sixteenth cryptoquote is a G. B. Stern quote on the topic of flight. 

Cryptogram Puzzle #17:  Homer Simpson CryptoQuote
Homer Simposn is not an avid reader.  Find out why in cryptoquote puzzle seventeen.

Cryptogram Puzzle #18:  Bill Cosby CryptoQuote
Decipher the cryptoquip puzzle to discover Bill Cosby's interpretation of wisdom.

Cryptogram Puzzle #19:  Ronald Reagan CryptoQuote
Ronald Reagan blends religion and politics in this printable cryptoquip puzzle.

Cryptogram Puzzle #20:  Archie Bunker CryptoQuote
Carroll O'Connor's sitcom character Archie Bunker tells us where charities can get a lot more money in this crypto.

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