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Cryptoquip Puzzle #11:  Erma Bombeck CryptoQuote
Solve cryptogram #11 to decode syndicated columnist Erma Bombeck's views on marriage.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #12:  Robert Schuller CryptoQuote
How well do you know God?  Robert H. Schuller's quote in this cryptoquip may give you some new insight.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #13:  Oscar Wilde CryptoQuote
Want to drive your enemies crazy?  Oscar Wilde tells you how in this printable cryptogram puzzle.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #14:  Zsa Zsa Gabor CryptoQuote
Zsa Zsa Gabor revels her secret to financial security in printable cryptoquip number 14.

Cryptoquip Puzzle #15:  Ellen CryptoQuote
In one of the funniest cryptogram puzzles, Ellen DeGeneres shares her humorous take on tacky home decor.