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Cryptoquote Cipher Puzzles 31-35

Cryptogram Puzzle #31:  Favorite Pastime CryptoQuote
How has one of our favoite pastimes changed over the past three thousand years? 

Cryptogram Puzzle #32:  Mark Twain CryptoQuote
Mark Twain comments on something that millions of people can't do, but he finds simple!

Cryptogram Puzzle #33:  Bill Cosby CryptoQuote
How to pick the best name for your baby, according to Bill Cosby.

Cryptogram Puzzle #34:  Ilie Nastase CryptoQuote
Ilie Nastase was robbed!  What does he do?!

Cryptogram Puzzle #35:  Know How CryptoQuote
Two different creations, by two very different people.

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