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Answers to Easy Cryptogram Puzzles
Here are all of the answers to the simple crypto puzzles on this page.

Easy Cryptograms
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These easy cryptogram puzzles are great for beginners because they give you 5 or 6 letters to start with.

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Cryptograms for Kids
Easy Cryptogram#1 - Curiosity
Some people just stare into outer space, wondering the strangest things.  Solve the puzzle to find out what discovery is made.

Easy Cryptogram#2 - Money
This person won't even give their friend a few quarters.  Decode the cryptoquip to find out why!

Easy Cryptogram#3 - Post Office
Can you figure out this silly post office joke?  Haha.

Easy Cryptogram#4 - Weather
When the weather is miserable, follow the advice in this very easy cryptogram.

Easy Cryptogram#5 - Speed
Want to increase your speed?  It's so simple if you know how!
Easy Cryptogram#6 - Farm Animals
What happens to farm animals who don't follow the rules?  You'll laugh and groan at the answer.

Easy Cryptogram#7 - Death
In this cryptogram, you'll learn that even funeral directors make serious mistakes.

Easy Cryptogram#8 - Eating Right
Some people know how to eat right.  What do you do when these people want to talk to you?  Decode the puzzle to find out.

Easy Cryptogram#9 - Careers
Sometimes it's clear what young kids will be when they grow up.

Easy Cryptogram#10 - Fruit
An easy cryptoquip about one of your favorite fruits.
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