Cryptogram Puzzles : Printable

Wow!  Look at the wonderful e-mail I'm receiving about the puzzles!

Hi Tim -

Your puzzles are the best.  I've done all offered on the site I think - the kid's puzzles, the funny, the president's and the 50 regular.

Just wondering when some new ones would be presented.


Hi again, Tim - I just started doing cryptogram puzzles recently, too!  I'm amazed at how solveable they are and yet are so much fun!  I find yours just right - not too hard, and not too easy.  I do like the way you give a hint as to what it is about, but I recently found another site which has printable puzzles and they give no hint as to subject, and no letters are given!  They are harder, but doable.

I enjoy yours more - they are just more user friendly.  I'll keep watching for new ones.  Thanks.

Hi Tim,

I used to do a lot of "Sudoku" puzzles, all the way up to the "extreme" level. But once one gets the hang of it, all one has to do is to be systematic and it gets rather boring.  Whereas your Cryptogram puzzles really require logical and original thinking !   I find them addictive, I really love them! Thank you for providing them,

       Greetings, Alex from the Okanagan in Canada

Keep up the great work with the puzzles!  I hope there will be more to come!

       Carol in Kentucky
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