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Funny Cryptogram#1 - Intelligence
Why do intelligent peoplle say dumb thigs?  To find out, decode the puzzle!

Funny Cryptogram#2 - Outdoors
Funny phrase about a popular outdoor activity.

Funny Cryptogram#3 - Lucky
Are you feeling lucky today?  You will when you decode this phrase!

Funny Cryptogram#4 - Ambition
How to do rate your ambition?  Solve this puzzle to see if you're ambitious enough.

Funny Cryptogram#5 - Going Crazy
If anyone's ever told you you're going crazy, you can respond with this funny comeback.
Funny Cryptogram#6 - Religion
People tend to turn to religion when they need it the most.  Solve the puzzle to find out when and where people talk to God.

Funny Cryptogram#7 - Frazzled
Try this free cryptogram puzzle when you're feeling stressed out.

Funny Cryptogram#8 - Folks
Learn about the different kinds of folks you'll encounter throughout your life.

Funny Cryptogram#9 - You're HOW old?
They say you're only as old as you feel.  Solve this puzzle and find out how old you really are!

Funny Cryptogram #10 - Youth
We never outgrow our tendancies, no matter how old we get.  Decipher the code to this puzzle to find out how things never change.