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Goofy Cryptogram #1

"A composer who takes lots of showers every day probably writes soap operas."

Goofy Cryptogram #2

"I think it was Eli Whitney who once said, ' Keep your cotton picking hands off my gin!' "

Goofy Cryptogram #3

"The boy's firends nicknamed him Scuba because all of his grades were below C level."

Goofy Cryptogram #4

"Would you call a doggie who gets washed three times a day a shampoodle?"

Goofy Cryptogram #5

"When the sword swallower decided to go on a diet, he was on pins and needles for weeks."

Goofy Cryptogram #6

"Some of the least expensive pets in a pet store are canaries.  They're actually very cheep."

Goofy Cryptogram #7

"When the invisible man went to the hospital, his doctor said, 'Sorry, I can't see you right now.' "

Goofy Cryptogram #8

"Bowling must be a very quiet sport.  When you play it, you can hear a pin drop."

Goofy Cryptogram #9

"The digital watch turned to its mother and said, 'Look Ma, no hands!' "

Goofy Cryptogram #10

"When I go to bed, I put two coins under my pillow.  They are my sleeping quarters."

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