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Solutions to these Goofy Cryptogram Puzzles
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Goofy Cryptograms
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Print out these cryptograms and decode the funny phrases and one-liners.

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Goofy Cryptogram#1 - Music
There are all different kinds of musicians.  Learn which ones are incredibly clean.

Goofy Cryptogram#2 - Inventors
A famous quote by a famous inventor, sort of.

Goofy Cryptogram#3 - Names
This lazy fellow earned himself a goofy nickname.  Solve the puzzle to find out what it is.

Goofy Cryptogram#4 - Pets
Here's a breed of dog I bet you've never heard of before.

Goofy Cryptogram#5 - Circus Performers
What happens when a popular circus performer goes on a diet?
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Goofy Cryptogram#6 - Pets
The perfect pet for a tightwad.

Goofy Cryptogram#7 - Medicine
The doctor was unable to treat this patient's strange illness.  Find out why by solving the puzzle.

Goofy Cryptogram#8 - Sports
Be sure you don't make any noise when you play this sport!

Goofy Cryptogram#9 - Time
Can you decode the funny clock joke?

Goofy Cryptogram#10 - Night
Solve the puzzle to find out what strange thing I do every night.