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Printable and Free - Cryptogram Puzzles for Kids
American Idol
What does Ryan Seasrest of American Idol think of his co-host, Simon?  Decode the American Idol cryptogram to find out.

What does Mr. Howard say when he assigns Carly detention?  Solve the puzzle to find out!

Jonas Brothers
Is Joe Jonas "the shy one?"  Decode the cryptoquote to find out!

According to SpongeBob, if you go to another planet, don't ever do this!  Great advice from SpongeBob!

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus talks about her starring role in Hannah Montana.  Can you solve the puzzle to see what she says?

Scooby Doo
How does the villain lure Scooby-Doo into the haunted woods?  Figure out the puzzle to discover the answer.

High School Musical
Sharpay knows how to save the show from disaster!  Decode the cryptoquip to find out how!

That's So Raven
Why does Raven Symone want to be a producer?  She'll tell you... if you can find the solution to the puzzle.

Answers to Cryptograms for Kids
Here are the answers to the puzzles above.

Free Cryptogram Puzzles for Kids!

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