Cryptoquote Puzzles- Mark Twain

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Mark Twain Cryptoquote Puzzles
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Cryptograms for Kids
Twain Cryptogram#1 - Working Hard
Twain's philosophy on working hard to earn money.

Twain Cryptogram#2 - Kindness
Some people are kind, only when it's convenient.

Twain Cryptogram#3 - Writing
Twain, on how to be an effective writer.

Twain Cryptogram#4 - The Beginning
Why did God create Adam and Eve after he created the other animals?

Twain Cryptogram#5 - Travel
Mark Twain describes the one European country he wasn't fond of.

Twain Cryptogram#6 - Money
Mark Twain's view on man and money.

Cryptogram Puzzles
Twain Cryptogram#7 - Money
I wonder how Mark Twain would feel about Bill Gates?

Twain Cryptogram#8 - Reporting
Mark Twain's advice to young reporters.

Twain Cryptogram#9 - Friends
How do you identify a real, true friend?

Twain Cryptogram#10 - Parents
Mark Twain remembers and comments on his childhood.

Twain Cryptogram#11 - Current Events
Should you keep up with the news or not?  Twain shares his thoughts.

Twain Cryptogram#12 - Art
Twain, discussing a famous Italian artist.