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President Cryptogram#8 - Richard Nixon
Will we have a woman run for the presidency?  Richard Nixon shares his thoughts.

President Cryptogram#9 - Gerald Ford
Ford warns us to beware of the out-of-control government.

President Cryptogram#10 - Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton illustrates how far technology has advanced in the past few years.

President Cryptogram#11 - Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson's philosophy on preserving the United States.

President Cryptogram#12 - John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams's message to future generations of Americans.

President Cryptogram#13 - Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover's conservative philosophy on business in America.

President Cryptogram#14 - John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy knew how to flatter his guests at the White House.

President Cryptogram#15 - Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson, on international affairs.

President Cryptogram#1 - John Adams
John Adams. on education in the United States.

President Cryptogram#2 - Abraham Lincoln
A proverb, by the 16th president of the United States.

President Cryptogram#3 - Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan is always ready to respond to a national crisis.

President Cryptogram#4 - George W. Bush
George W. Bush on the reason we were attacked on September 11, 2001.

President Cryptogram#5 - George Washington
George Washington on our freedoms.

President Cryptogram#6 - Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson descusses the difference between good government and bad government.

President Cryptogram#7 - Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor doesn't seem to think that he'll be president.